About Us

Hello! We're so glad you're here! Welcome to Two Prairie Doods, our small business inspired by our furry friends and that #dogmomlife! 

My name is Teagan - I am the owner and creator of Two Prairie Doods. My two  pups and CEO's Arlo (Mini goldendoodle), and Remi (Australian labradoodle) whom might I add are totally my best friends, are also the true reason behind this exciting new adventure. 

Together we live in the SK prairies of sweet ol' Canada. We decided the name Two Prairie Doods was fitting considering where we live and who we are! My better half is also very partial to his rural life on the farm and has taught us to appreciate all about "neature" as we like to call it, so you might see this reflect in some of our fabrics and styles! 

I myself am a critical care nurse working full time! Balancing work and personal life has been a challenge since the pandemic started, but I have learned the importance of finding time for myself and doing something I love to help get me through all the challenges we've faced thus far. I value friendships and interactions, meeting new people, and creating life memories and with that being so restricted this past year, I really found comfort in my pup's instagram - (as crazy as that sounds). It's nice to know there is other crazy dog moms & dads out there just like me who would do anything they can to spoil their furry friend.

With that being said, nursing is my passion but I have always been a DIY junkie. Together with my partner we bought and completely flipped our first house and goodness me do I love a good home reno. So naturally, when I decided I should make handmade items of my own I was all over it. No, I have never sewn a day in my life before. But what could be so hard? UH let me tell you 6 broken needles later and hours off my life I was ready to throw in the towel! Luckily I've got great friends, family, and sewing grannies who encouraged me and helped me along the way. And with that, every item may not be perfect, but just know that it was 100% made with love! 

I really have so many plans for this company it's hard not to get completely ahead of myself. The focus started with pet apparel, matching dog mom/dad accessories & pet inspired doodle/drawings. Please stick with us as we move into the rest of this journey and bring to life all of our ideas we have been dreaming of! 

As a way of saying thank you and always supporting my pups and I, we have decided to give a portion of our proceeds to different animal funds, charities, go-fund me's, rehab, pet therapy, and any animal or shelter you feel deserves extra. We've tried to make this business as honest and personal as we can be. If there's a special cause or a pet that mean's something to you and you feel they deserve that small bit of help please nominate them over on our nominations page. We will re-evalute who we are raising funds for periodically to reach as many pets as we can! 

We have also tried to be eco-friendly in all of our packaging so that we are contributing to the health of our environment! We are always learning and trying to better ourselves so know that we take all of this into consideration! 

Again, we appreciate you following along. I hope you find inspiration and joy from our page and always do something that makes you happy! 

Love always, 

Two Prairie Doods

Arlo, Remi, & Teagan